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Active Adult Communities

As we reach the later years of our lives, many of us start to think of alternative living arrangements. It might be due to several different reasons – difficulty with accessing amenities or services, the effort of maintaining a home, or simply a desire to be around more individuals of the same age.

For those of us wanting to experience a more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle during life’s later years, an active adult community might be the perfect solution.

What are active adult communities?

Active adult communities (also known as retirement communities or independent living communities) are living arrangements designed specifically for seniors, usually those aged 55 and above.

These communities offer living spaces better-suited for seniors. They come in different forms and sizes, ranging from cozy apartment-style living to traditional single-family type homes. The homes in these communities are typically more compact, feature better navigation, and have easy lawn care or maintenance.

Is medical care offered in active adult communities?

Most active adult communities are created for seniors who require little to no assistance during their daily lives, so many of them do not have in-house medical services or staff. This is the main difference between active adult communities and assisted living facilities or nursing homes – the latter is for residents who require round-the-clock assistance.

Though most active adult communities do not offer in-home care, residents who require a bit of help have the option of hiring private nurses separately.

Features and Amenities

Residents of active adult communities enjoy an independent lifestyle, along with access to a variety of services and amenities.

They usually contain features such as clubhouses, recreational centers, swimming pools, arts and crafts rooms, private movie theaters, tennis courts, and sometimes even full-length golf courses for the more upscale ones. Most communities also organize different events, gatherings, classes, or friendly competitions so residents get to interact with other members of the community.

Should you live in an active adult community?

There are many seniors who are hesitant when it comes to considering new living arrangements. This is quite understandable – when you’re in your later years, any change to your lifestyle may seem like you’re slowly losing your independence little by little.

Active adult communities are designed to make seniors’ lives easier and more enjoyable and do not aim to take away their independence. Dealing with a home’s upkeep and maintenance can be overwhelming, especially during the later stages of our lives.

Living in an active adult community allows you to keep your normal, independent lifestyle while making everything safer and more convenient for you.

Active Adult Communities in Northern California

There are many great active adult communities in Northern California, particularly in the cities of Lincoln, Roseville, and Rocklin. The area is blessed with terrific weather, and boasts many great nearby attractions, shopping centers, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more, making it an excellent place for anyone planning to spend their golden years.

If you’re looking for an ideal active adult community in the area, The Gillis Group is more than happy to help! Take a look at the different homes and communities available on our site, or give us a call at 916-303-6420 or 916-316-0815.