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It’s Oktoberfest! Are You Ready For A Feast?

What foods to prepare for the most awaited time of the year? Do not worry, we have you covered for the festivities.



OktoberfestOktoberfest is a popular German festival that begins on the third weekend of September and ends October, around the first Sunday of the month.

It all started on October 12, 1810 when Princess Therese married then crown Prince Ludwig. People from Munich were invited to the royal event and festivities were held on the fields just in front of the city gates. Horse racing competitions were made in the presence of the royalties and it culminated the event which was widely celebrated in the entire Bavaria. The horse racing event was repeated in the later years which gave rise to the now – Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest as we all know it is a season for beer, beer, and endless beer! Aside from the bottomless drinks in this German brew festival, there are lots of foods and drinks to watch out for. To help you get into the whole Oktoberfest ‘vibe’ we have here the list of foods you shouldn’t miss on an Oktoberfest.

Whether you are throwing an Oktoberfest party, or simply craving for mouth-watering and authentic German recipes, you can eat like you’re there in Munich. Here are traditional Oktoberfest foods you shouldn’t miss:

Bavarian Sausages or Würstl

german sausages

Achieve the authentic Bavarian experience with Würstl or the classic Bavarian sausages. You can have them sautéed with bacon and served with lots of mustard!



The Oktoberfest ‘vibe’ isn’t complete without the pretzels. Pretzels are best paired with a huge glass of beer. It’s pretty easy to create these large and soft pretzels. Here’s one video tutorial to try.

Potato Dumplings or Knödel


Knödel or dumplings are often made of potato or flour which are very common in Central Europe. They are huge and dense, and oh-so-comforting! Enjoy a Hungarian bite with these potato dumplings.

Cheese Noodles

cheese noodles

Cheese noodles are very popular and savory, much like its Asian counterpart the egg noodles only that it’s a lot cheesier. This cheese noodles is made of small curd cottage cheese and is topped with delicious quark. Dig in!

Potato Pancakes or Reiberdatschi

potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are perfect with your apple sauce or salad. You can have them savory or sweet, depending on your liking. Create one hot and crisp potato pancakes following this easy to cook recipe here.

Roasted Chicken


One Hungarian signature dish you will find during Oktoberfest is roasted chickens. They are spit roasted until crispy and skin is golden brown. You can recreate a Hungarian roasted chicken by rubbing lots of lemon-and-thyme butter all over your chicken prior roasting.

Roasted Pork or Schweinebraten


Roasted pork is a classic Oktoberfest dish. You can create Schweinebraten or roast pork with a variety of pork cuts. This is however roasted with onions and dark beer for an all-authentic Bavarian roast pork experience.

Roasted Ham Hock or Schweinshaxe


You will love the Schweinshaxe, a perfect pair to your beer as these pig knuckles are oh-so-crispy on the outside with a tender meat on the inside. It makes for a perfect appetizer for a night of beer drinking with friends and loved ones. The good news is, they are surprisingly easy to do, here is one Schweinshaxe recipe you can try.

Grilled Fish On A Stick or Steckerlfisch


Steckerlfisch is grilled fish on a stick. The fish is marinated and skewered and grilled to perfection. You can make one with mackerel or trout. You can recreate this German food by quick grilling some mackerel sardines at home. Presto! You have a well-done Steckerlfisch to enjoy.



Sauerkraut is German’s pickled cabbage and it is eaten with almost anything edible during Oktoberfest. You can easily prepare one with this easy to follow recipe.



Another mainstay in the Oktoberfest feast is the spiced cheese-butter spread also known as Obatzda. This all-time German favorite spread is made of aged cheese such as Camembert with butter, beer, and spices like garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper to taste.