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Six Things to Be Thankful For As We Go Into the Holidays

As we settle into the season of family, football, and feasting, it’s a good time to take a step back and be thankful for all that you have in life. Looking at life with a “glass half full” perspective is known to improve one’s happiness. As we take some time to truly appreciate what we have, here are some things we’re thankful for:

  1. Clean Water

If you’ve ever visited a developing country like Mexico or Southeast Asia, then you may have noticed that in order to steer clear of Montezuma’s Revenge you probably want to stick with bottled water. However, we don’t have that problem in Northern California- we can drink as much as we want straight out of the tap. Fresh water is a luxury and seeing the clear, blue lakes and rivers as we pass by them is a testament to how lucky we are to have it.  

  1. Lots of Open Space

Not only do many of our homes have floor plans that range from 901-3100 square feet, communities such as Springfield at Whitney Oaks in Rocklin have sweeping views of the Sacramento skyline and the Sierra Nevada/Sierra-Butte mountain ranges. Furthermore, Sun City Lincoln Hills has over 500 acres of open space and preserved wetland. With lush landscapes, parks, and ponds right in the heart of where we live, active adults have many places to roam. Maybe stop and take a moment to recognize the beauty in the nature that surrounds us.  

  1. Friendly Neighbors

Even though the population is growing in our neck of the woods, the Roseville/Lincoln/Rocklin area still maintain a small-town neighborhood feel where there are friendly faces all around. Despite our busy lifestyles, people wave to each other on the street and there’s a good chance that you can take the time to chat with someone you know at your local grocery store. Our communities give an opportunity to make friends with like-minded people who are seeking the same quality of life as you. 

  1. Turkeys- The Wild Ones

Thanksgiving is all about eating turkey, but you also may catch a glimpse of them running around the golf courses and open country spaces of Lincoln, Rocklin, Loomis and surrounding areas. Around this time of the year, wild deer and turkey are regularly spotted, as well as various species of native birds and other wildlife that also call Northern California home.

  1. California Weather

It’s no secret that California experiences over 300 days of sunshine, especially in the northern area. Our four distinct seasons and moderate temperatures allow one to enjoy various outdoor activities whether you are into golfing, wine tasting, or entering a 5k run in the middle of winter.

Plus, agriculture thrives in our dry, consistent climate making it conducive for gardening or taking a stroll through the local parks.

  1. A Roof Over Your Head

The top three basic necessities for humans to survive are food, water, and shelter, so now is an especially good time to be thankful for the roof over your head. As you settle down into your Thanksgiving feast and then perhaps curl up on the couch to watch some football with loved ones, stop and think about truly blessed you are!

And if for any reason you have a desire to improve your level of comfort, then give Team Gillis a call at 916-303-6420 or 916-316-0815.